The Concept Of Best Synthetic Urine: Anything A Drug Addict Would Ask For

Sometimes there are times when you can’t excuse yourself from doing the drug tests or urinary tests. It could be for legal purpose or employment, and these tests are mandatory. There are other ways, like going on a detox, but that won’t help for a long time. To pass these tests, the best synthetic urine kits come to the rescue! This synthetic urine duplicates the real one by the same features of froth, odour, and color.

It is easy to forge the test result; however, using any kit in the market won’t help; choosing the best one is essential.

Best urine kits to consider

Using the best synthetic urine kits is crucial to not getting into serious problems. Some of the top ones are:

  • Sub solution: this is a clear solution in a powdered form that requires a mix for use. It is an old product but never disappoints with urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It balances the gravity levels with 13 chemicals that are present in the real pee.
  • Test clear: the best in the market. Contains all the compounds of real urine and is known to be very accurate. This comes in powdered form using heating pads. Achieving the optimal temperature before testing and using these heat pads is necessary.
  • Quick luck: known to be one the best heated fake urine over two decades. It was a formula that came out after 16 years of research in 2019. Contains 11 compounds with urea, uric acid, and pH balance chemicals. It is pre-mixed and not detectable. It can be used for male and females both.

Synthetic urine has been in demand for quite some time now. From the time when drug tests were necessary, this has been free-flowing in the markets. Some companies have come out with the best of formulas, so differentiating would be pretty hard.

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