More information about the drug treating the ADHD:

Some people have the problem of paying attention in doing the works in their daily routine. The symptoms shown in any person make the doctor to diagnose the problem. Hyperactive and difficulty in paying attention are the symptoms of a disease called ADHD. As every problem can be treated with a medication, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or treated with a drug called Adderall. The drug will help you to improve the focus and concentration. The drug is acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system. The drug can acts as the stimulant on the persons who don’t have ADHD. But people who are using the drugs without the problem may have many side effects after the usage. The medication have the positive effects on the people who have the disease. The drug have to be used under the supervision of the doctor. Drug when used by the person who don’t have the problem of ADHD can give serious effects. It is a brand name of the drugs with a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. This drug is the prescription drug that is advised by the doctor to treat narcolepsy I.e day sleepiness and ADHD.

 resolve the problem of sleeping disorder

Action of the drug on the body:

  • The drug acts on the central nervous system by modifying the chemicals that acts in the areas that deals with the attention.When the drug is taken according to the prescription given by the doctor, it provides the positive effects. When you take the drug you can stay active and awake throughout the day. The drug also can make you to stay more focused in doing any work.
  • The stimulating action of the drug make constriction of your blood vessels which raise the blood pressure. The raised blood pressure will make you to increase in heart beat. The drug may also interfere the blood circulation. The fingers and toes of you would become numb or hurt after sometime.
  • The drug can also increase the glucose content in your body. The weight loss and loss of appetite arepossible. This slows down the weight gain in the children who are under the medication. Weight loss also occurs in the adults and it is a temporary effect. For adjusting your body to this effect, you need to increase yourappetite. There would be some allergic reactions in some people and can be manifested on skin.


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