Facility maintenance ensures that everything in your workplace, from the appliances and the computers to the heating and air conditioning systems, continues to run smoothly without issue. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure your employees have access to clean facilities, so they can work efficiently and safely each day. If you follow these tips and apply facility maintenance cleaning supply as part of your regular schedule, you’ll ensure that everyone benefits from a safe and clean working environment all year long.

1) Get into the habit of cleaning

If you keep your workspace clean, it’s easier to find items when you need them, and it creates an impression of professionalism in clients. But one of the most overlooked aspects of keeping your workspace clean is that it lowers stress levels. When people work in environments that are overly cluttered or not very clean, they are more likely to experience health issues like headache, upset stomachs and sleep disturbances. If you keep your workspace neat, it will also help avoid slip-and-fall accidents.

2) Regularly check equipment

Ensuring your machines are operating properly helps ensure that you’re maintaining high-quality products. If something is broken or malfunctioning, it could pose a danger to your employees or customers; as well, it increases inefficiency and lowers productivity. Check equipment regularly to make sure it’s functioning properly, or bring in an outside professional to conduct an audit. For example, schedule routine preventive facility maintenance cleaning supply visits with an HVAC contractor to keep machines running efficiently all year round.

3) Check air quality regularly

Air quality can be affected by multiple factors, including but not limited to temperature, humidity, air flow, air filtration systems (where applicable), and even weather. It’s important to maintain an environment that supports productivity as well as employee health, both physical and mental. Luckily, there are numerous ways you can ensure your workplace is creating healthy conditions.

4) Ensure adequate dust containment

Dust is easily one of your biggest risk factors when it comes to facility maintenance. Ensure that you’re keeping proper containment in place by protecting air ducts, installing hoods over hot surfaces, and preventing dust from entering work areas by cleaning off machinery after use. If you don’t do these things regularly, particles will find their way into your air duct system where they can clog filters or even cause other problems with your HVAC system.

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