Moving to Atlanta – A Relocation Guide

Moving often requires significant changes in your life. It may feel overwhelming, even if it is necessary. If you are moving to Atlanta, we hope this guide will help you prepare for what comes next by providing information about the city’s culture and top attractions.


This article is meant to be a tool for helping you feel more prepared, as well as a resource that can help point you in the right direction when preparing for relocation. Moving to Atlanta can be easy and fuss free. Click here to learn how. The sections below cover some common questions people face when they plan to move to Atlanta.


Q: Where is Atlanta?

Atlanta, Georgia, is the capital of Georgia, and the metropolitan area has grown more significant than the entire state of Colorado. With a population of 6 million, it is the 10th largest metropolitan area in the United States and one of the fastest growing areas in America. This growth has spurred many companies to move their headquarters to Atlanta and has inspired several business leaders to create new organizations centered around developing this thriving city. Atlanta is located in North Central Georgia on a peninsula known as ‘Piedmont.’


Q: What is called Atlanta when you do not live here?

Atlanta has its unique dialect and slang called ‘Gwinnettian.’ This dialect is often mislabeled as ‘Southern’ and used by many Atlanta residents. Some phrases to help you fit in, should you choose to live here, are:

Moving to Atlanta can be easy and fuss free. Click here to learn how.


Some commonly used words and phrases

Some commonly used terms

To learn more about the language of Atlanta, check out the blog posts “The Spanglish Dialect” and “More on Gwinnettian.”


Q: What types of people live in Atlanta?

Residents in Atlanta are known for their diversity. Due to being a major city, it attracts people from all over the world who have created an intricate tapestry of cultures. There is a melting pot of young professionals, retirees, and everything.


Q: Is it safe in Atlanta?

One of the most common questions when moving to a new city is, is it safe? Atlanta takes safety seriously by employing the use of an advanced early warning system that can inform citizens to alert them to severe weather and flooding. Additionally, we carry many safety precautions when traveling from one place to another. These include wearing seatbelts, using designated drivers, and avoiding walking at night. It is also important to note that crime rates are higher in urban areas than in rural areas because people have more opportunities in cities and, therefore, higher chances of crime. The case of you getting caught up in any crime is shallow.


Q: What should I know about Atlanta’s weather?

The weather in Atlanta can be described as temperate, as it is usually mild and humid. The temperature stays below 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and above 32 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Average temperatures range from 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. They also average around 50 inches of rain a year, mainly during the spring and summer months.


The best time of year to visit Atlanta is from September through April when temperatures are mild, and there are fewer rainy days compared to other seasons in Georgia.

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