Why do you need to consider having clear storm panels?

One of the great ways to protect your business or home from storm damage is to find clear storm panels. Yet, traditional storm panels and metal shutters also have some disadvantages. Since they block off your glass and natural light.

If you like to keep some level of visibility and let natural light into your home or commercial building. You must consider having clear storm panels or clear hurricane shutters. There are a lot of types of storm protection to select from. All need planning ahead of time so they are good to go once a storm is heading your way.

What exactly are clear storm panels?

 Clear storm panels are also known as clear hurricane shutters are clear corrugated plastic panels. That suit over your glass windows and doors to shield the glass from storm damage. They are alike to metal hurricane panels. Wherein you should install them over your windows before the storm occurs. This is normally done by screwing them into the surrounding wall or framing. Yet, clear panels have several clear advantages compared to their metal counterparts.

Advantages of clear storm panels

The main advantage of clear storm panels is that you don’t feel boxed in. You can conceive what’s happening outside and it will not hinder the flow of heat. This is useful during the winter season. Clear storm panels are composed of various materials. Select a panel that conforms to the hurricane and storm resistance codes of your place.

These glasses do not corrode or rust and can also protect from UV rays. Another amazing advantage with clear storm panels, especially for commercial enterprises. That they don’t need to close shops when there’s a storm warning. Even during season where there’s a hurricane. With various types of panels, you manage the risk of losing business with customers walking past the shop. Even when it’s open since the storm panels block the view.

Clear storm panels are easy to install, don’t have any sharp edges, and are lightweight. There’s no issue with the width of the opening. These will keep their shape even if there’s an impact. These panels are normally installed from the inside for multi-storied structures. It can also be left installed for the whole hurricane season. Let natural light into your business or home.

When choosing storm panels

When you’re searching for the correct storm panels, there are two things you need to consider. First, examine the storm panels that are up to the building code. You always have to check to make sure they’ve been deemed and tested safe for your area.

Secondly, research. Check with your neighborhood to know where they got their storm panels. Ask for a review and compare to other brands.  You must not be afraid to look around for the best combination of affordability and long-lasting quality.

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