Used Jeeps: from the army to the high-end

After the legendary Willys made available to the American army in 1940, the American brand has never ventured outside its field of expertise: the off-road vehicle. Except for the SUVs, which are heavily inspired by its 4×4 models. After all, why diversify when your brand has become a common name for your vehicle type, a rustic-style all-terrain vehicle. You will find several used Jeeps, each with its own specifications. Many companies offers you an overview of used custom jeeps for sale in fullerton models it is important to understand them well.

Used Jeep 4x4s and SUVs

Jeep Cherokee : One of the most modern and trendy Jeeps is the used Cherokee. At the same time slender and shorter and lighter than its ancestors. The modernity of this SUV makes it a worthy representative of a brand that has always been able to position itself ahead of its time.

Jeep Grand Cherokee : designed to replace the Cherokee model, the used Grand Cherokee model belongs to the category of luxury off-road vehicles and has the best equipment. It is available in the petrol version in various versions, including one with a V8 offering 326 horsepower, but also in a diesel version.

Jeep Compass : One of the first Jeep SUVs is a surprisingly compact, elegant and refined crossover design for a vehicle of this size. Another surprise, there is a 2-wheel drive version of the used Compass: the Jeep Compass 1.6 Multijet 120 horsepower. The Jeep Compass 2.0 Multijet has a power of 170 HP and is offered with an automatic gearbox. The Trailhawk version features specific suspension, off-road tires, as well as increased ground clearance for improved traversing ability.

custom jeeps for sale in fullerton

In fact, thanks to the exchange, increasingly common in dealerships, the latter can have a good number of second-hand cars , controlled and safe , with various fittings and optionals, to meet the customer’s needs. In fact, for the same price it is possible to find larger cars with high-level customizations for the same price as a much more basic model .

Finally, for a novice driver it is an excellent choice, to avoid that “initial fear” while driving . When used, a small scratch can be easily tolerated compared to even a minor damage on a new car.

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