Eliminate traces of THC from the system


There are numerous ways to do the Thc detox; when you search for thc detox near me, you can find many stores with detox drinks and detox capsules. But if you look for the natural way to detox, some natural ways include lemon water; lemon water is included on this list because it is the fundamental remedy to all detox problems. Without it, the list would be incomplete. The vast majority of marijuana users will tell you that this is one of the most simple but very efficient methods of combating any detectable THC levels in your system. It may not be the most optimal answer in terms of the amount of time it takes to work, but it should not be overlooked.

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What Causes Marijuana to Remain in the System for Such a Long period?

There is a slew of explanations for this. Factors to consider include items such as:

  • Ingestion of marijuana at a rapid pace
  • Metabolism
  • Age Gender Size/Weight of the individual
  • General well-being

THC (and its metabolites) are fat-soluble is something that most people are unaware of. It can persist in the body’s fat cells for up to many months at a time. Follicle testing may also be a nightmare since THC-metabolites can remain in the follicles for many weeks after the user has stopped using.

When cannabis is smoked or vaporised, THC is absorbed into the circulation via the lungs and enters the body. THC is absorbed into the circulation via the lining of the stomach and intestines after being consumed. Because THC and its metabolites are extremely fat-soluble, about 70% of THC is absorbed by the body’s fat stores. Then, THC is released from the fat and into the bloodstream over time.


A little amount of the blood circulating throughout the body travels through the liver every cycle. THC is processed in two steps in the body, after which it is eliminated via the urine and faeces.

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