Donate a Used Car – Benefits to You and the Community

Be part of the solution to a growing problem. Instead of throwing away that old car you need to get rid of, turn it into cash for a good cause. Giving a car to the local shelter or a veteran’s organization could help these groups help thousands of others.

Recycling old cars could provide work for thousands of people. Tackling this issue means not only a healthier community, used cars in tempe but also helping those in need and reducing our country’s carbon footprint.

Why donate a car?

Well, you probably don’t want your car to end up on a landfill, and that’s where your old car ends up. Vehicles end up in landfills because they’re big, heavy, and we don’t recycle them as efficiently as we should. Luckily, those buried in a landfill are still just as useful to someone as when they were new.

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Even some small changes to your car’s life-cycle management can lead to saving some valuable resources.

An old car can be a haven for wildlife. Donating old cars to local shelters creates habitats for animals.

More jobs are created when old cars are recycled than when new ones are made.

Giving a used car to a charity or a shelter helps those in need.

Buy a new car, donate it to the community: Get money for land and road repair, save the planet, and support your community. Sounds like a win-win!

A great cause to support, NAPTECH, is even creating programs to increase the number of donations that are made.

Give a Car to a Great Cause

It’s easy to be skeptical of donating a used car that you’re tossing in the garage, or maybe even believe you should get rid of it yourself. Chances are, used cars in tempe you�ve heard that these vehicles end up in landfills, possibly creating emissions and creating landfill space.

However, much like the greenhouse effect that causes climate change, the fact of the matter is that when a vehicle breaks down, it consumes a certain amount of resources to repair or replace the vehicle.

Maybe you buy a new car that then ends up sitting in a junkyard while others get new ones. In any case, there is some CO2 savings to consider. Let�s take a look at a used car versus a new car and how it affects the environment.

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