5 Things You Check Out Before Renting a Vehicle

There are times when you think of renting a car –it can be to use on the vacation or when car is in a shop. No matter what situation, it is very important to check out the ins & outs of renting the car, which will help you to avoid common fees that the rental agencies will charge.

  1. Use credit card when choosing a car

Renting a car is a breeze, however ensure that you use your credit card while picking up the car. When using the debit card, authorization amount may get charged, and substantial extra incremental hold can be assessed. The rental car firms will check your score if you use your debit card to ensure that you may pay charges, although that policy recently has been changing among many bigger rental companies. Suppose you prefer renting a car by using your debit card, check online and see what policy is so that you do not end up with the hold on funds, which you were not expecting.

  1. Check the car

You don’t want to be liable for misuse of a car done by another person. Please ensure that you inspect a car before you take it out for any dents and scratches. This will save you from a lot of trouble.

  1. Car Insurance

Next important factor you have to consider while renting a vehicle is an insurance policy. Some firms specialized in the car rental services provide the clients insurance products while renting the car. But, if you have the insurance plan that will cover for damaged caused by the rental cars, you don’t have to buy a different car insurance policy.

  1. Know rental vehicle

Each car is different. There are chances that you won’t be renting that same model when you drive home. Before you head out, ensure you take a little time to adjust that seat & mirrors as per your liking. Check out where car functions like Air Conditioning, windshield wipers, lights, and handbrake are situated. When check out the car you are set to go.

  1. Fill up the car tank before returning

Your holiday was a blast, now it is the time to give the car and head straight home. An only problem is that you brought a car back with the empty tank. Can you let that rental store fill this up for you? Totally, but you can wind up paying 2, 3 or 4 times the going cost per gallon.

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